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In Schools

While the Internet can be a unique educational and recreational resource for children, it is important that they are educated about how to safely and responsibly use this powerful tool. Several issues have received particular attention with respect to protecting children online. Parents and teachers should be aware of cyberstalking and the threats that online predators pose to children's physical safety; harmful or inappropriate content (most often characterized as pornographic, excessively violent or simply 'adult'); privacy invasions that result from the collection of personally identifiable information about individual children; and commercialism and aggressive marketing targeted directly at children.

Another issue related to the presence of children on the Internet is the potential misuse of this tool. Whether the consequences are intentional or unintentional, the Internet can open a dangerous window of accessibility for children who are unaware of the consequences of irresponsible use. For this reason, it is essential that teachers and parents consider how to educate children about the consequences associated with misusing the Internet.

Recommended Links:

Department of Justice for Kids & Youth
This page provides information for children, parents, and teachers on protecting children from cyber-stalkers and safe-guarding their privacy, as well as information on hacking, plagiarism, downloading software, and copying copyrighted materials.

Family Guide Book
This is a useful site for parents, teachers, and librarians who are interested in learning about the benefits and risks that the Internet holds for children.

FedStats: Federal Government Kids' Page
This site has links to all of the US government statistical agencies' kids' pages. Particularly notable are the FBI pages for kids, youth and teachers.

The Children's Internet Protection Act
See this site for precise wording of the Act.

Internet Public Library Youth Division
This site provides links to help kids learn about "stranger danger" and how to stay safe while surfing the Web.

Media Awareness Network
On this site, parents, teachers, and librarians can find practical information and hands-on activities to help give kids the "cyber smarts" they need to make wise and safe online decisions.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Interactive site by NCMEC for kids, teens and adults. Provides links to web sites that can provide more information about how to protect your kids online.

National School Board Association
This site provides an overview of children's online safety issues.

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